Barbara Hofmann Brush Soap

Barbara Hofmann Brush Soap

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BRUSH SOAP - A MUST HAVE for all Makeup Artists

- Minimal Time

- Zesty Lemon Scent

- Comes in a Tin = Great Storage

For the purification of your cosmetic brushes, please, regularly use our BRUSH SOAP. In this way you care for your cosmetic brushes and keep them tidy. Humidify the brush hair with water and sweep your damp brush in the soap, until it starts to foam. Tip: If you gently massage the foam with your fingertips into the brush hair, the cleansing result improves. Afterwards just rinse the brush hair with clear tepid water, keeping the brush top upside down. Carefully dry the brush hair with a tissue, and shape it again into its original form. Keep the perfectly purified brush on a towel for a day at room temperature for drying, and your brush is ready for the next application.